River was invited to the 2010 AKC Obedience Invitational!


06/17/2001 - 02/13/2015

River is a handsome, sound, athletic dog with good bone and balance, and proper size and proportion with his daddy's (AFC AFTCH Rosehill's Mr. Speaker, MH, OS, FDHF) expression and temperament. River never meets a stranger and is good with other intact males, puppies, and children. River doesn't have a mean bone in his body and is a caring and loving dog; yet, in the field or in the agility ring is quite dynamic and really tries hard to please. He is biddable and smart and even with his high drive is easy to manage while competing. River has excellent pigment and level top line, scissors bite and full dentition. He is a dog you can play with and immediately go to the line and know he will perform to his best ability. He has a good work ethic and is very focused. River is a great house dog and hunting companion and a joy to train and run. He is the most affectionate of my boys which gives him an endearing quality.

River earned his Master Hunter title at the Central Kentucky hunt test in October 2004, and recently earned his MXJ at the Decatur Agility Trial. River comes from a performance sire and a very strong performance dam; MACH CT Tailwind's Firefly of Tanbark VCD3, JH, WCX, ADHF, OD (Flicker) so he should be a good producer!

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River earned his MACH in grand style at the Perry, GA trial in July 2007 on a super hard jumpers course. River always gives his all and is a dog that lives to please so he is a dream to train and run! River has qualified for the 2007, 2008 and 2009 Agility Nationals!
Dependable and dynamic, River is so much like his Dad,
Mr. Speaker!

River's UDX run.

River won his Utility B class and took 3rd in Open B earning him a High Combined score at the May 2010 NDTC obedience trial.
River earned his CD with 3 wins and a HIT!!!
Congratulations on your MACH 2 River!!

Photo by Tien Tran
Finish after broad jump in Open B.

River earns his CCA (Certificate of Conformation Assessment) in New Jersey!

MACH 2 Rosehill's Talking Water, MH, UDX, OM1, VCX, CCA, ADHF, WCX earned his UDX title over Labor Day weekend needing three more UDX legs and 1 more point for his OM1 placing in every run including an Open B Win! River is a dog that loves to work, is very consistent and has a ton of heart. River didn't start his Obedience training for Novice A until he was 7.5 years of age earning a HIT his first time out. River is OTCH pointed and always gives a tremendous effort regardless of the performance venue. It is a wonderful journey we are both enjoying!

River earned MOTC's "TOP DOG of 2011" award along with earning his OM3, UDX, Top UD B Dog and Top Open B
Dog for 2011. He has all his OTCH wins and is OTCH pointed. Having started training for his obedience career at
7.5 years of age; at almost 11 he is still giving his all to performing. He is a dynamic dog with tons of "please" and
it's a joy to run and train him!